Jewish Americans

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Jewish-American HIstory on the Web
This is an excellent resource that provides full digital text of primary historical documents. Their ongoing project, , is devoted to scanning and digitizing the entire text of The Occident and American Jewish Advocate, one of the first Jewish-American periodicals to gain widespread popularity.

The National Museum of American Jewish History
There are a number of good online exhibits here, including Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American.

The American Jewish Historical Society
This is an informative web-site with online genealogical databases and an excellent online exhibit of early American portraits.

Sherwin Museum of Jewish Art
This website has a number of brief histories of topics such as the Oklahoma Jewish Experience as well as a section on Holocaust Education.

NOW ONLINE!!! Jewish Women: A Comprehensive HIstorical Encyclopedia Edited by Professors Paula Hyman of Yale and Dalia Ofer of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Encyclopedia contains entries on Jewish women from around the world and throughout time. Part of the Jewish Women's Archive, which otherwise focuses on North American Jewish women, the Encyclopedia is an unmatched resource for anyone interested in Jewish women anywhere, at any time. In addition, the Jewish Women's Archive is making it possible for scholars and more casual readers to propose updates and, in a later stage, to upload new articles.




Praying on the Jewish New Year, New York City, between 1905 and 1915. Bain Collection, Library of Congress, neg #: LC-USZ62-72436.